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Ultra Weld Titanium ™

Securely seal all broken and damaged items within 15 seconds! Permanently & firmly!

Now, it is possible to repair almost everything with the innovative Ultra-Weld


Ultra Weld Titanium™ can repair almost anything such as metal, steel, plastic, wood, resin, rubber and a lot more. It is a super strong and super durable repair glue that sets to a solid welded-strength hardness in 7-15 seconds. The cured outcome will stay strong and hard even after being subjected to drilling, tapping, grounding, filing and painting.

Groundbreaking Features:

✅ Repairs almost anything with unique reinforcing and filling capabilities

✅ Quick fix with super high bond strength in just 7~15 seconds

✅ Breaks, cracks, holes and gaps can be quickly and easily repaired

✅ Forms an incredibly strong, long-lasting, heat-resistant bond

✅ Strong cohesive force, high impact resistance

✅ Water-proof, oil-proof, and dust-proof

✅ Ideal for high-strength, structural bonding applications

✅ Easy to shape to fit any crack, crevice, hole, and break

✅ Resistant to gasoline, anti-freeze, and most common solvents

✅ Set comes with reinforcing powder turns it into a superb filler for repairing cracks and holes

✅ Can be applied to bond rubber, copper, steel, aluminum and most plastics etc

Super Wide Usage(Works On):

 Metal, steel, plastic, wood, rubber

✓ China, Silicone, Nylon, Fluorine, Resin

✓ Polyethylene, PVC, Polypropylene

✓ Ceramic, bumper grilles, radiators, motorcycle fairings

✓ Electrical switches, door handles, distributor caps

✓ Cracks on engine and a lot more

How To Use:

1. Gently sprinkle some powder on the cracks

2. Slowly drip adhesive(a few drops) on the powder to moisten the powder

3. Wait for 15 seconds


Q: Can I apply a second coat of 10-Sec Quick Bonding Glue?

A: Yes, a second coat can be applied once the first coat has dried.

Q: Will the adhesive dry without the powder?

A: Yes, the adhesive will dry even with the resin powder mixed in, so be sure to apply with caution.

Q: Can the adhesive be used to glue objects without the use of the powder?

A: Yes, the adhesive will function as a normal glue without the use of the powder, but will not form as strong of a bond as if you had used it in combination with the powder. 


* Avoid eye contact. Do not get on skin or clothing.

* Avoid breathing of vapor. Use only with adequate ventilation.

* Do not swallow. Wash thoroughly after handling.

* Close container after each use.