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Water Soluble Embroidery Canvas

Try out this Water Soluble Embroidery Canvas. You can use it to precisely create cross-stitch patterns on clothing!

A MAGICAL CLOTH FOR DESIGN TRANSFER - The canvas is made out of eco-friendly synthetic fiber. It provides an excellent fabric base for stitching an embroidery or cross-stitch pattern. It mesh grid lets you place your design with perfectly even stitching. After tacking on the pattern to clothing, you can wash away the canvas using soap and water. It works like magic! 

DECORATE CLOTHES MORE EASILY - Now you don't have to be troubled by the difficult task of doing freehand embroidery or stitching on clothes. Large, bulky clothes can be especially difficult to embroider. With this water soluble cloth, you can easily stitch your design on the canvas and tack it on the clothing item. Once the canvas dissolves in water, you'll be left with a perfect cross-stitch pattern on your apparel.

SHOW OFF YOUR CREATIVITY - You can add beautiful cross-stitch and embroidery designs to all kinds of fabrics. Customize your clothes and make gifts for friends! Use the water soluble canvas to add artistic designs to shirts, jackets, jeans, bags, pillowcases, napkins, tablecloths and much more. They will be evenly stitched and look professionally made!

Embroider detailed patterns on anything like a pro. Purchase the Water Soluble Embroidery Canvas now.


Material: Synthetic Fiber

Color: White

Sheet Dimensions: 10 x 22 cm

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