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Mandala Scratch ‘n Sketch Art Kit

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Create beautiful pieces of etch art with Amazing Mandalas! Let the inner artist in you make beautiful colored designs.

Scratch To Discover A Breathtaking Rainbow Mandala with this Mandala Scratch ‘n Sketch Art Kit

Put On Mandala Stencil and use this special black paper and wooden stylus. 

…top layer scratches away revealing colors underneath!
…turn plain black paper into remarkable rainbow designs!
…exquisite scratch form in multicolor backgrounds that spring to life.
…stunning one-of-a-kind piece.

Scratch Along Soothing Rainbow Mandala! or... Scratch Mandalas in Free Motion!

• A creative and fun activity for all ages and ability levels.
• It promotes unlimited imagination and creativity for kids and adults.
• Amazing art experience for the whole family
• Non-toxic and safe for all ages.

De-stress with various Mandala Patterns! 
Sketch ANYTHING in dazzling rainbow!

Thick paper and template that won’t easily tear. Perfect for craft and playtime. No mess, lots of fun.
Great for craft project, family fun day, art class and school activity.

Fun & Easy even for beginners!

Buy Mandala Scratch ‘n Sketch Art Kit and Scratch Stress & Boredom Away!


Material: PET, Paper (A4)

Color: Milky White Translucent, Black

Size: 13x13cm, 21x29cm

Weight: 75g, 0.5kg

Package Inclusion/s: 1Set Mandala Scratch ‘n Sketch Art Kit includes...

  • 16 Sheets Mandala Templates
  • 10 Sheets Scratch Paper, 1 Wooden Pen