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Mandala Acrylic Painter Kit

Paint Soothing Mandala Patterns Without Fading Ever!

Mandala art is setting the trend in the craft world. Eye-catching art pieces with different patterns and different interpretations. It's the perfect venue for self-expression!

Embellish Zen Mandala Patterns With Ease using this Mandala Acrylic Painter Kit - the metallic marker pens coupled with excellent mandala patterns for super smooth paint application. 

  • Easy to hold, ergonomically designed and lightweight
  • Incredibly durable - made from premium quality plastic material pen and PET templates.
  • Safe to use even by kids -  It uses premium water ink that is eco-friendly, acid-free, and non-toxic. 

QUALITY PAINTING RESULT - Paint a non-fading and fast-drying images on rocks, papers, canvas, and many more.

To effect changes, wash immediately with water then repaints and leave overnight for a lasting art craft. 

EASY PAINTING TECHNIQUE - Draw mandala art masterpieces on ALL surfaces. Just put on mandala stencil and paint away. The easiest and most innovative painting way. 

WIDE RANGE OF USE - Ideal for coloring books, rock art painting, glass painting, DIY photo album, sketchpad, scrapbooking, ceramics painting, greeting cards, and many more.

It is also suitable for making calligraphy, classroom markings, drawer labeling, and others. 

PAINTING TOOL FOR MANDALA PAINT ENTHUSIASTS - Fun and easy mandala painting experience for art hobbyists and even for beginners. 

Paint Mandala Patterns Without Fading Ever using Mandala Acrylic Painter Kit. Grab yours NOW! 


Materials: Plastic

Available Color: Light Yellow, Marigold, Orange, Deep Scarlet, Rose Pink, Aster, Napoleon Blue, Emerald Green, Black, White, Gold, Silver

Available Stencils: M12, M10, and M7

Package Inclusion: 1 set Mandala Acrylic Painter Kit (includes 12 different colors Acrylic Painting Pen and 3 templates)