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Professional Grade Contour Duplication Gauge

Eliminate the guessing of dimensions of irregular shapes

Trying to duplicate profiles and contours on your woodworking or auto body projects? Work with less hassle with the Award Winning LINETEC™ Contour Duplication Gauge! Copy the exact measurements and shapes with ease! Loved by artisans everywhere! 


1. Shape it

This profile gauge can be used to measure the shape of irregular items to create an instant template.


2. Trace it

Simply trace along the template to get the desired dimensions of your cut.


3. Place it

Place your cut template and Voila! Your project is complete.



✅ Designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts and many objects

✅ Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc.

✅ Equipped with rule markings with inch graduations are on the tough and durable plastic body of the gauge

✅ Includes a magnet to stick to iron products

✅ Low profile for easy operation

✅ Colour is highly visible so you know where to trace

✅ Flexible sturdy probes designed for a precise contour and long-lasting use 

✅ Draw the profile on your projects or copy it on to another surface with little to no effort. Perfectly measured and duplicated contours every single time! With the help of our Contour Duplication Gauge.


Material: High quality ABS Plastic

Size: 146 x 105 x 26mm

Measuring Range: 0-120mm

Scope: 0-120mm

Package Inclusion: 1pc. Contour Duplication Gauge