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PAVEMASTER™ Professional Paving Mould

Creating Your Dream Yard Had Never Been So Easy


Paving gardens is known to be costly and messy work. Digging, levelling, laying foundations, cutting, grinding and fitting the stones. It's enough to make anyone just keep wishing! 

Now with the revolutionary PaveMaster™ Professional Garden Paving Mould, refreshing and modern pathway can be achieved in just a few hours. And you can do it yourself!


Prepare your garden for spring with beautiful individual paving styles, perfect for patios, paths, driveways and potting sheds - and it's so simple anyone can do it. 


  • Add gravel or course sand to the mix for a safe and grippier walkway in all seasons
  • Add sand or soil and moss to achieve an ancient look that will look like the pathway has been there for over 100 years


  • A quick and easy choice for gardens, paths, potting areas meadows, balconies, villas and more.
  • It's SO SIMPLE - men, women and children can all create beautiful DIY in their own garden.
  • Durable Polypropylene material means it can be used again and again. 
  • A FRACTION OF THE PRICE of a landscaper - with impressive and hassle free results. 




  1. Knock up a basic cement mix (colourings can be added to achieve a redbrick effect!
  2. Place the mould where you'd like the path to fit and trowel in the cement slurry.
  3. Smooth the upper part by hand.
  4. Remove the mould take and move onto the next patch. Allow 24 hours to for cement fully set.
  5. Sprinkle a decorative gravel or plant the grass seeds in the gaps to finish! 


  • Color: Black.
  • Material:PP.
  • Weight: 480g(AS) / 260g(O/Q) / 300g(G) / 900(F).
  • Size: 33 x 33 x 3.6cm(AS) /?34?x 34cm(O/Q) /? 30?x 30cm(G) / 45 x 40cm(F).


  • 1 x Path Floor Mould.​​