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deGREASE Stainless Steel Oil Filtering Pot

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No more wasting your excess oil after frying! 

deGREASE oil filtering pot is the new resolution to put that oil to good use in the clean, safe, and healthy way without having to pour them down the drain!

A Safe Way To Store Up All That Grease! deGREASE provides you a clean way with proper closure to store up all the excess grease for your next use without any residues or food scraps! 

Effortless One-Pot Filter System! The deGREASE pot comes with a dense mesh filter so you can effortlessly filter out all the unwanted food residues or impurities in your oil! Giving you a clean and delicious oil for your next use! 

Large Capacity For All Your Oils! The deGREASE Pot comes with a huge capacity of up to 1.8L, making it the perfect way to store frying oils so you don't have to waste one bit! 

Sturdy Durable Materials! The deGREASE pot is made with premium stainless steel to give you a durable and safe using experience! The stainless steel materials contain your oils steadily without having the grease sticks to the inner surface, making it easy to clean! 

Multifunctional Filter Pot! deGREASE brings you with so many possibilities! The dense mesh filter makes it perfect to filter out your coffee, soup, or juice as well! 


  • Materials: Premium 340 Stainless Steel
  • Diameter:  (1.8L) 14cm
  • Weight:  (1.8L)560g
Package Includes: 
  • 1* Pot lid
  • 1* Mesh Filter Layer
  • 1* Pot