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Spinning Designer Ring With Sateur Stone

Made with a precise stone and premium design, this is one of a kind design with a spin to it. Adjustable with new 1 size fits all technology that could be put on any finger of your choice. Spinner rings, based on ancient Tibetan prayer wheels, are sometimes also known as anxiety rings, motion rings, or prayer rings. Perfect for anxiety or fidgety moments, you will feel at ease and look beyond stylish.


Better Made, Better Cut, Friendly Price.

Satéur Stone is made from the rarest ingredients using our unique, exclusive formula. Our tech designers have done the hard lifting for you by delivering an artistically-crafted, eye-pleasing, forever-brilliant and credit card-friendly gemstone. No need to spend a fortune anymore to own an eternally-brilliant precious stone.

Luxury Redefined Unlike You Know It

The Satéur stone is focused on blazing new trails by creating new standards within the fine jewellery industry. We have made it possible for you to own a brilliant stone at half the cost of a comparable diamond. Amazingly, even at such a hefty price tag, diamonds are still commonplace relative to the Satéur Stone.