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CAPE Loadout Series - Live Fish Foldable Waterproof Bucket

Boundless Utility Meets Unprecedented Freshness.

The CAPE Loadout series is a staple for the fishermen. For most anglers, it is their secret sauce for keeping fish fresher than ever.

  • You are on a fishing journey with your family or friends?
  • This great folding fishing bucket is perfect for you
  • Ideal for fishing, camping, barbecue, boating, gardening, bait storage, and any other outdoor activities

  • By filling it up with water, you instantly have a handy basin where you can put in fish, shrimp, live bait or other things with an oxygen pump to keep them alive
  • This is absolutely a must-have for anglers and fishermen
  • Additionally, you can use it as a practical and multi-function water container for any purpose


  • Made from EVA material and waterproof
  • Foldable bucket save space for easy storage
  • Good compression resistance, strong heat preservation, lightweight suitable for long-distance transportation
  • Professional design. Top cover mesh pocket design, fresh air circulate, live bait and fish can stay alive


  • Size: ①16*9.5*9.5 inch,②19*10*10 inch
  • Available in 2 sets
  • With oxygen pump
  • without oxygen pump
  • Please choose yours.