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AcuHealth Pet Food Scale

"Weight control/management was cited most often by veterinarians as one of the most important things pet owners can do to increase the length of their pet’s life, yet fewer than 2 in 10 pet owners feed their pet(s) the amount recommended on the pet food package." - Canada’s Pet Wellness Report 2011

Now more and more pet-friendly families choose to feed their pets scientifically. So, our Acuhealth Pet Food Scale helps a lot!

You can observe pets' appetite and health according to the daily food intake of pets, helping you pay attention to pet health.

The Built-in high-precision sensor perceives and grasps the nutrition in each gram, supports four common measurement units. Keep pets away from obesity.

Food-grade PP materials, one-button switching, low energy consumption, and can be separated for easier cleaning(the handle cannot be washed)

Measurement(Maximum load: 800g)